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Awareness and understanding of ME/CFS and its potential to devastate the lives of those it affects remains patchy. Advances made in diagnosis, treatment and understanding of the disease have not yet penetrated to all levels of either our health care system or society more broadly.

It is possible therefore that outdated and inappropriate stereotypes of ME/CFS may persist –the stigma associated with the disease often being as much a problem for those affected as their symptoms. Consequently it is not uncommon to experience disbelief and doubt from poorly or less well informed health professionals as well as amongst family and friends.

Combined with uncertainty about diagnosis and treatment this situation presents those affected with a unique and bewildering array of challenges. It may also hinder access to much needed medical, social and welfare support at a time when individuals are struggling to cope with declining health and function.

This added layer of burden, uncertainty and worry may further complicate treatment and management of the disease.

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